Live Virtual Event FAQ and House Keeping

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Yes, this platform is mobile friendly. You can stream the video, audio and text content right to your phone or tablet over wifi or through your service provider data plan.

To operate on a mobile device, select the tab you want to view and then scroll down to see the content.

Unfortunately, we do not provide the raw video, audio or text files as those can be freely uploaded to websites or transferred to people who didn’t purchase this program.

Friday Saturday Sunday
8am PST – 3pm PST 8am PST – 3pm PST 8am PST – 3pm PST
11am EST – 6pm EST 11am EST – 6pm EST 11am EST – 6pm EST

Our 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee is intended to ensure that you receive the value you expect from the Keyspire 3-Day Bootcamp. If you don’t find the value to be equal to or greater than the price you paid after attending the 3-Day Bootcamp, simply email our team at by 11:59 PM PST on the last day of the 3-Day Bootcamp, and we’ll process your refund. Please note that this 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee only applies to the live 3-day Bootcamp and does not apply to any bonuses that may be offered, awarded or granted at the time of purchase.


Ensure you will have an uninterrupted environment you can learn in, as the weekend is packed with valuable information!


You can download your Resource Guide and Investor Launchpad Worksheet in the “Resources” section of this portal.


The Real Estate Bootcamps are presented live and will not be recorded for distribution. Due to limited space available in the Bootcamps, we can not offer single day substitutions to different weekends.


We are happy to help you reschedule if we have spots available at other events! Simply email or call 1-888-556-2244 with your current Bootcamp date and email you registered under. We will do what we can to help!


Yes! There will be a chat and a Q&A feature in your Bootcamp.


If you haven’t heard from your strategist within a week following your Bootcamp, please email and we will put you in touch with one of our team members ASAP.


You can join the Bootcamp with an at-home guest who can view the bootcamp from the same device; we do not provide additional registration links.


Please email or call us at 1-888-556-2244 and we will be happy to answer all your questions!

Housekeeping Notes:

• Close all unnecessary windows or tabs on your computer – doing this should free up some bandwidth and immediately improve your stream connection

• This will also help you stay focused by keeping the distractions on your computer to a minimum

• Now, this theory also applies to your cellphone – so do your best to be fully present this weekend

• Use the Q+A feature if you have any questions for our team while the presentation is taking place

• Your trainer will be using the chat and raise hand feature to interact with each of you – so be sure to pop your comments in the chat

• By now, most of you should have received a phone call, text message, or email from your Strategist. If you have not been in contact yet, be sure to check your spam folder

• If you do not know who your Strategist is, feel free to use the Q&A feature to ask our team, or you can email

• Technology is so powerful, it allows us all to be together for this event – however it’s not always perfect, so if you happen to get kicked out due to technology issues – you can just sign right back into the event by using the same link

• We ask that you do not promote business while attending the Bootcamp – please, be respectful

Experience Tips:

• Be sure to make the most of your break times – stand up and walk away from your computer to keep your energy levels high

• We know everyone is busy – so we’ve added longer break times throughout the weekend – this is by design to allow you the time you need to get things done around the house while not missing out on any of the amazing content

• Make sure you engage with the Chat and the Q+A features – using these features to connect with your trainer, our team, and other attendees will enhance your experience overall

• Once you are in the room, confirm the drop-down bar at the bottom of your chat box is set to “all panelists and attendees”

• For the best viewing experience we suggest using a desktop, laptop or iPad for this event

• We recommend side by side view which can be found in the viewing options tab at the top of your screen