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Michael Sarracini & Scott McGillivray – Keyspire

Michael Sarracini

Michael Sarracini

Keyspire CEO and Co-Founder

Michael Sarracini is an award-winning entrepreneur & real estate investor. Starting over 20 years ago as a university student with nothing but debt and the drive to succeed, he turned a small government loan into a multimillion-dollar real estate empire that allowed him to retire at 25. With his new freedom he then explored other industries including television, ecommerce, real estate development & private education.

Today Michael is CEO of Keyspire and Chairman of The Sarracini Group. He focuses on adding value to people through personal development & education and adding value to land through strategic partnerships & development.

Michael’s team has trained more than 100,000 real estate investors and helped them generate tens of millions of dollars in net worth. As an entrepreneur, he has won multiple business awards for business growth, sales revenue and employee satisfaction, and in 2016 he led the #1 fastest-growing consumer business in the country.

Michael supports his business growth through strong leadership, solid business practices and community involvement. Michael believes in, and invests heavily in, his personal growth & personal development. He believes strongly in community involvement and sits on the board of directors and the leadership committee for the Children’s Foundation.

Michael lives with his wife and two boys just outside of Toronto, Canada. He loves to spend his time with his family: swimming, mountain biking, hiking, BBQing and big family dinners. He also enjoys scuba diving & playing squash.

Michael’s ultimate goal is to help his partners and his students maximize both their profits and their purpose so they can live enriched and fulfilling lives.

Scott McGillivray

Keyspire Co-Founder

An internationally renowned TV star, real estate investor, contractor, and accomplished businessman, Scott McGillivray is the definition of an entrepreneurial success story. Although Scott is best known for his hit TV shows, his passion lies in educating people to make a smart investment and renovation decisions and how to succeed in the uber-competitive world of real estate.

Before graduating from university, McGillivray had already discovered his calling. What began as an ambitious school project about income properties developed into a unique business model that Scott then strategically executed, laying the foundation for his success as a real estate investor and educator. McGillivray’s hands-on approach to renovation and his laser-sharp intuition in real estate has meant well-rounded business success with investment properties across North America.

McGillivray has been a top-rated TV star since 2008 and an award-winning Executive Producer of 11 seasons of the hit series Income Property on HGTV/HGTV Canada where he made his mark by helping 100’s of cash-strapped homeowners renovate their properties to create maximum rental income. This blockbuster hit show brought a fresh new voice to lifestyle television, wowing viewers across North America, and now around the world in over 50 countries.

In 2015, McGillivray added McGillivray Entertainment to the Group to bring a fresh approach to lifestyle content and produced HGTV’s latest hit series Moving the McGillivrays, accompanied by a slate of original digital content like Good to Grow and Reno To Reveal. He is currently in production on his next big project for HGTV – Buyer’s Bootcamp among other new projects in development. Scott’s television presence extends to include being one of the faces of HGTV’s new hit series Home to Win, Flipping the Block, Urban Oasis, Canada’s Handyman Challenge, and All-American Handyman.

McGillivray is a proud Ambassador for Habitat for Humanity Canada, drawing attention to their new home build projects across Canada and the important issue of affordable, safe homeownership for Canadians as well as the resulting positive societal impact.

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, McGillivray now divides his time between residences in Toronto and Fort Myers, Florida along with his wife Sabrina and daughters Maya and Layla.

As a skilled contractor, best-selling author, inspiring public speaker, educator, and leading guest expert, McGillivray is trusted for successful renovation and return on investment tactics. He is a respected influencer and digital trailblazer who engages daily with his 600,000+ followers and had an impressive 800 million+ impressions in 2016 across social, digital, TV, and publicity.