Raving Fans

 Laurie May Peroff

Laurie May Peroff

When I met Keyspire, my background was office administration and customer service. My investment portfolio was nearly non-existent, and my knowledge of investing was even less.

Keyspire taught me real estate investment strategies, made introductions to industry experts, and presented opportunities and encouragement to take action.

My first deal after joining Keyspire earned a 40% annualized return. I still enjoy the cashflow income from the 2 investment properties purchased in my first year.

The ongoing educational support tailored to my needs, exclusive member opportunities, and outstanding networking events have kept me renewing my membership for 6 years.

Thank you Michael Sarracini, Scott McGillivray, and the entire hardworking Keyspire team for proving financial freedom is possible and illuminating the pathway to sweet success.

Darcy & Deanna Boyden

We walked into our first Keyspire event intrigued by the idea that we could do more with real estate investing. We had 2 properties, a willingness to learn, and a healthy dose of fear. Since joining Keyspire, we have learned so much from Michael, the program resources, and the other real estate professionals who guide you through every step of the process. We worked hard and were able to transact 14 deals in our first 14 months! We consider ourselves examples for those who want to maintain full-time careers or businesses while building their real estate investment business.

Not only have we expanded our real estate portfolio across 3 provinces and 3 states, but we have learned to attract partners willing to invest with us. This has been an incredible opportunity to share with family and friends to ensure their financial security. Our two boys are in University and each had their own investments before they had their final degrees.

Keyspire has provided both knowledge and resources for us to develop passive investments as well. This strategy has been key in building both cash flow and long term wealth to ensure financial security. This strategy allows us to live an upgraded life with peace of mind, no matter where in the world we may be.

Mel & Dave Dupuis

Mel & Dave Dupuis

We are very proud Keyspire members! Although we already had sole ownership of 70+ units, before attending the 3-day workshop with Alfonso Cuadra, we certainly saw great value in becoming Keyspire members. What we have accomplished over the past three years, with their support, guidance, and encouragement has been life-changing!

In less than 3 years, we solely purchased an additional 6 buildings (36 units), wrote a bestselling book that was endorsed by Michael Sarracini, won a Business of the Year award, won Top 3 Best Places to Rent, for two consecutive years, grew our social media presence to over 50,000 followers creative strategies. Most significant to note is that we were both able to achieve our key objectives, which included spending more time with our three children and both being able to resign from our full-time jobs – in our 30s!

Our coach Catherine has always been very encouraging and helpful at making connections for us with private lenders and with our investor-focused team. Thank you, Keyspire, for helping us attain financial, time, and location freedom!

Zeb & Colleen Tsikira

We joined Keyspire with two properties under our belt. We weren’t sure what we would learn but were curious enough to find out.

Keyspire helped us achieve the unimaginable. We are now full-time investors whose love for travel fuels our real estate investing dream that now spans across Canada and the US.

Never could we have ever imagined we would achieve so much and be a part of an amazing community.

Thank you Keyspire. We wouldn’t have been able to leave a lasting legacy for our family without your teachings.